Monday, February 24, 2003

Tales from the Front Pew, Chapter 9

Josh has a Palm PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). When he was in school, he used it to keep track of test dates, assignments due, etc. It was one attempt to keep him from forgetting everything. Now that he his home schooled, it is used less often. Mostly for playing games on long car trips.

His good friend, Jonathan, from school got a Palm for Christmas. Josh was there for a sleepover recently and the two of them traded Palm programs, beaming them back and forth like some sort of Star Wars communicators. Jonathan found a Bible program. The complete NIV Bible for the Palm. Josh now has it on his Palm. He likes to use it when we're reading Bible verses during family devotions.

A family that sits near us in church has a son, Troy, who is a year older than Josh. Troy saved up his money and bought a Palm PDA. He learned that Josh had a Bible program on his Palm. We sat ahead of Troy in church tonight. Both boys brought their Palms because Troy wanted the Bible program.

So, during the prelude, there the two are, Josh facing the back, both of them holding their Palms aimed at each other over the pew, while the Torah transferred invisibly from one to the other. During the offertory, it was the Kings, Psalms and the minor prophets. The New Testament had to wait until after the service, when Josh, Troy and David huddled over one of the tables in the back to do their beamings. I think they would have beamed stuff back and forth while we were walking out, but they couldn't keep things steady enough.

Normally, we would discourage this sort of thing, but, since it was the Bible that was being transferred, we let it go.